UKNOF 12 introduction - Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)
Fighting Spam at the Source - Thomas Mangin (Exa Networks)
21CN Operational Experiences - Adrian Kennard (Andrews and Arnold)
JANET STM-256 Upgrade - Rob Evans (JANET UK)
Passive WDM experiences - Mike Hughes (LINX)
New Undersea Cables Around the UK - Martin Hannigan (Verne Global)
IETF update - Kurtis Lindqvist (Netnod)
OpenSIPs - Bogdan-Andrei Iancu ()
RIPE-2007-01 and -08 Charging Changes - Nigel Titley (RIPE NCC)
32-bit AS Numbers - Will Hargrave, Andy Davidson ()
DNSSEC signing of .ORG - Dave Knight (Afilias)
UK ENUM Update - Ian Meikle (Nominet)
Perspectives on IPv4 runout and the transition to IPv6 - Mat Ford (Internet Society)
VoIP 999 Regulatory Update - Steve Kennedy (NetTek)
IRRToolset Update - Shane Kerr (Afilias)
Website Accessibility - Steve Kennedy (Afilias)
Network Lifecycle Management - Lynne Mullis (Hewlett Packard)

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