Introduction - Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)
Security, a CSIRT's Perspective - Bradley Freeman (JANET)
Signing .UK - Ian Meikle (Nominet)
F-root DNSSEC Signing Plans - Keith Mitchell (ISC)
K-root DNSSEC Signing Plans - Anand Bhuddhdev (RIPE NCC)
DNSSEC at CentralNic - Gavin Brown (CentralNIC)
Route servers for !Dummies - Nick Hilliard (INEX)
Afternoon introduction - Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)
The Internet from Zen's point of view - Richard Tang (Zen Internet)
IETF v6ops Deployment Questionnaire - Rob Evans (JANET)
Route Server Bake-off Results - Andy Davidson (LONAP)
BIRD Route Server at LINX - Tim Preston (LINX)
What Broadband ? - Boyan Krosnov ()
The Recursive DNS Rant - Boyan Krosnov ()
Naked BGP - Thomas Mangin (Exa Networks)
Backup Monitoring using Wsydm/DPA - Colin Johnston (Mx5 Owners)
A Practical Perspective on Traffic Engineering - John Evans (Cariden)

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