Large Scale Photonic Integration - Geoff Bennet (Infinera)
Mapping IPv6 to / from IPv4 - Adrian Kennard (Andrews and Arnold)
Address Family Transition Router - AFTR - Cathy Almond (ISC)
SORBS v2.0 and what it can do for you - Michelle Sullivan (SORBS)
AMS-IX update - Elisa Jasinska (AMS-IX)
LINX update - Mike Hughes (LINX)
LONAP update - Andy Davidson (LONAP)
INEX update - Nick Hilliard (INEX)
Network Operators' Guide to the Digital Economy Act 2010 - Andrew Cormack (JANET)
40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet Overview - Greg Hankins (Brocade)
Enhancing BGP - Rob Shakir (GX Networks)
DNSSEC Perspectives - Ralf Weber (Nominum)
DNSSEC for the Root Zone - Richard Lamb (ICANN)
5 Years of UKNOF - Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)

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